Admin/Hr Best Career Path

Admin/Hr Career path

Admin/Hr Career Path has become the most popular career choice among students recently. There are many career opportunities after becoming an HR. Some of the options available to them are:

  • Admin/Hr Trainee Internship: HR trainee will require to have all the information on personnel and human resource.
  • Admin/Hr Officer: Hr admin officer has to support the daily activities of the company’s human resource department. Their responsibilities are to update the company’s policies, processing employees’ data, and assisting in the hiring process.
  • Recruitment and Training Executive: he or she is responsible for recruiting the candidates who are suited for the job and to train them efficiently.
  • Admin/Hr General Executive: they handles recruiting, learning and development of an employee performance programs in the company or the organization.
  • Compensation & Benefits/Remuneration/Reward Executive: A compensation and benefits reward executive looks after the employees remuneration packages and some other benefits such as salaries, incentives, insurance etc.

Admin/Hr Career Path

  • Recruitment Manager: A recruitment manager is responsible basically for recruiting candidates that are best suitable for the available job description in the company.
  • Training Manager: A training manager basically trains the employees and makes sure that they stay efficient in their job and work in their company.
  • Employee Relation Manager: A relation with an employee is very important for the success of any company. An employee relation manager has to resolve the human resource issues of the employees on behalf of the company.
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager: A compensation and benefits manager coordinate and supervise the work of the staff. They are also responsible for setting up the company’s pay and benefits structure.
  • Admin/Hr Assistant Manager: An HR assistant manager manages the daily administrative and human resource duties of the company. They are the main point of contact for an employee who needs help in the issues related to human resources such as questions about payroll, benefits or employment verifications.
  • Admin/Hr Manager: An HR manager is the one who manages everything in the company from job design, recruitment, employee relations to performance and training management, everything is handled by them.
  • Organization Development Manager: An organizational development manager plans, develops, implements and administers development and training programs for employees.
  • Admin/Hr Director: An HR director has to keep a check on smooth functioning of the company’s human resource department. They also direct the development and implementation of  training programs, policies and guidelines, employee records, documentation policies etc.

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