Best 4 Functions of Management



Functions of Management

Functions of Management

The Management’s four basic roles are planning, organizing, controlling, and leading. These are explained below:

  • Planning: The foremost function of a manager is to plan the goal and methods. Planning may be a crucial aspect because it helps the manager to perform the tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Organizing: Another main function of a manager is to arrange the resources and appearance into how their implementation goes on. Organizing results in better results or output.
  • Controlling: Another main function of a manager is to observe and evaluate the performance of the people working under him. The managers also keep a track of their work.
  • Leading: It is an important function of a manager is to steer the workers from the front. Leading involves inspiring and galvanizing the workers to understand their goals.

Functions of Management


  • The specialization degree of management provides you the understanding in various fields like HR, Marketing, Finance, International Business, etc.
  • The management degree prepares you for global management jobs for several positions like Marketing Manager, Operation Manager, Advisor, etc.
  • The management degree helps you in getting your dream job depending upon where you’ve got done your graduation and post-graduation.
  • The management degree gives you a foothold over other domains as you’re specialized in handling people and making effective and spellbinding suggestions or ideas that not only help one person but also set an example for other people to follow.


Management skills and attributes:

  • Communication skills
  • Outgoing friendly personality
  • Power for handling deadlines
  • Leadership skills
  • Team leader
  • Cooperative

Functions of Management

Thus, by inculcating the skills mentioned above one can be an effective manager which will help the organization to achieve all its goals at the same time devising a captative network to adapt the organization’s principles and values which leads to developing a perfect bond of trust and constructive relationship among the employees.

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