Amazing Social Media Job Hunting 2021

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What is your thought about social media job hunting? Whenever the job notification pops up what are your thoughts about it? Isn’t it fascinating? Social media which is basically a platform for informal communications and related activities is also available for jobs!! Well yes, social media is a major source to identify your dream job and chase it without any hindrances and also helps the employer to look for the most suitable candidate up the date.

How often do you use social media in a day? How often do you scroll on your social media websites? What do you scroll the most on these websites? Have you come across any job posting while scrolling on these websites? These questions are important to answer to understand things. Don’t get confined to only one page. The social media platforms, especially for job hunting, are Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, linked in, Instagram, etc. In today’s time’s use of these websites for job postings has increased considerably. Have you seen any company’s Instagram page or any other page for these hiring posts? I am sure many of you don’t know that companies these days hire through social media platforms like these. here is a list of certain social media platforms which help to find a job.

These are Social media Job Hunting sites


Linked in a major job hunting platform or media for effective job requirements. having a profile or account linked in is important on a professional basis. this media enables you to connect with professionals anywhere in the world with a connection request and it is more like Facebook but used only for professional and formal works. the companies where you send an application can easily go through your linked-in profile and decide whether to accept your application or not.


Companies hire through their Twitter handle pages also. Companies like Disney use their Twitter account for hiring people. Having your own Twitter handle helps you to engage with more and more people which will provide you job opportunities. You can update your profile according to your interest.


You can identify jobs through the company’s official Facebook page. The company may keep posting relevant jobs on their posts, which will help you understand their requirements. you know in this current scenario most of the companies prefer to post or moves to virtual job posts.


one of the most popular jobs posting on social media is Instagram. From young to old everyone uses it. But do you know that you can use Instagram for finding a job? Yes, you read that right. Companies like Deloitte hire through its company’s official page. instead of spending so much dead time on this, you can use this for more job opportunities. Even companies like Byju’s, Unacademy also hire through their respective pages.

Hаving yоur оwn рrоfile оn Nаukri is nоt а big thing. It is very соmmоn tо hаve yоur оwn рrоfile оn Nаukri sо thаt соmраnies саn hire yоu thrоugh this. Yоur рrоfile shоuld be uрdаted sо thаt yоu саn get hired. Seаrсh fоr the relevаnt jоbs оn this website. Yоu саn аlwаys lооk intо fresher jоbs оr аn exрerienсed оne deрending uроn yоur рrоfile.

Sо, the next time yоu use yоur sосiаl mediа use it wisely. Mаke better use оf the аbоve-mentiоned sites sо thаt yоu саn get yоur dreаm jоb. L

How Social Media Job hunting Can Help (Or Hurt) You In Your Job Search

What do employers want in 2021?


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