CAT 2021 Best and Certified Exam Pattern

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CAT 2021 Exam Pattern


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The new improvements in the exam pattern should be undertaken by students studying for the Common Admission Test. Speed up your training by running through the new 2021 exam data without wasting a single minute. Common Admission Test is recognized to be an unpredictable text and to surprise the students, the CAT exam pattern is modified almost every year. True to their volatile existence, many systemic improvements for the 2021 test pattern are made by CAT examiners.

A big change in 2020 was that owing to COVID, the test would be carried out in three sessions to accommodate social distance requirements. For 2021, however, details about exam sessions will be published.

Another important change is that the time has been shortened to 40 minutes for each portion of the 2021 test.

Oh, hurry! To learn more about the new 2021 updates, read the following post.

CAT Exam 2021: Revised Pattern

For 2021, it will be performed as a computer-based test by IIMs on a rotational basis. All of the sections were each given 40 minutes. As per CAT 2020, the computer-based test will be performed in three slots (changes will be notified). The candidate must score high in each of the sections in order to get through the sectional score cut-off for IIM shortlisting.

  • Some questions might not be of the multiple-choice form in each segment. Instead, it is necessary to type direct answers on the keyboard.
  • For computation, a fundamental on-screen calculator will be allowed.
  • In each segment, candidates will be allocated exactly 40 minutes to answer questions and will not turn from one section to another when answering questions in one section.

Nevertheless, these changes, while major, should not be difficult to adapt to. The fundamentals of preparation continue to stay the same. Awareness of basic concepts, practice, time management, and precision is still important for the test! Are you prepared?

Note: To go through the mock tests/ tutorials and understand the latest exam pattern, students can visit the Common Admission Test official website. In the month of October, these mock tutorials will be uploaded.

The 2021 Exam Pattern, as per the revised CAT 2020 changes, is given below.

Particulars Details
Exam Window 3 Sessions
Total No. of Sections 3
Exam Duration 2 Hours or 120 Minutes
Mode of Conduct of Exam Computer-based
Duration of each section of the exam 40 Minutes
Expected Marking Scheme -1 for each wrong answer

+3 for every correct answer

CAT 2021 Exam: Main Features

  • The Exam is in the month of November.
  • It will be an online and not a computer-based test. It is scheduled for 2 hours as well.
  • The section order is set, beginning with VARC.
  • There will be three parts to the test.
  • The 2020 exam was administered in three slots and the timings are Slot 1 (8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.), Slot 2 (12.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.), and Slot 3 (4.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.). Students will be informed of improvements to the exam window for 2021.
  • IIM will also release a tutorial to understand the computer-based test and query pattern of 2021 for aspirants. In October 2021, this tutorial is going to be available on their official website.
  • The exam will however be held in 156 cities across the country.

CAT 2021: Evaluation based on computers

It is not an online examination, but an exam based on computers. The candidate will not give the exam on an internet website, but on a computer terminal where the questions are shown, and by clicking on the right one the candidate must select the answers. IIM explains that a timer on the computer screen will show this new exam pattern that keeps reminding you of the remaining time to complete various sections.

Hopefully, the 2021 exam pattern is clear and you can go to the official CAT website for more information.

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