Why Transferable Skills are Important in Employees Life in 2021

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What are the transferable skills?

Transferable Skills

As a graduate, searching for employment, you will come across the term transferable skills and wonder about it.  Most people don’t know what are transferable skills. Transferable skills are those skills that do not belong to any particular job, industry, or company. Instead, they are general skills that can be transferred easily between jobs, departments, and companies. They are portable skills.

Employers often value these skills at a workplace as these skills can be used anywhere in the workplace. You develop these skills as you progress in your career, job, education, and training. You keep on developing your skills from time to time.  Communication skills, problem-solving, leadership, teamwork are all examples of transferable skills that can be used in the job market or workplace. That is why it is important to emphasize your transferable skills during an interview as to why a company should hire you without any work experience in the field.

Why transferable skills are Important:

Transferable skills are a way for you to show that you can do your job, even if you are not the perfect fit for the job description. These skills are interpersonal that are relevant throughout your career and life. Transferable skills highlight your potential that can be a benefit to a company. There is no age of acquiring these soft skills in your life.

Transferable Skills

Transferable skills you need:

If you are looking out for a job, you need to have transferable skills in your hand. These skills will provide you with the job security and the employment that you are looking for. Here are some of the transferable skills that every one of you should consider while opting for a job:

  • LEADERSHIP: It is one of the most important transferable skills that a person must possess. Leadership skills can assist you with altogether aspects of life. An employer often values leadership skills as a leader will help the team to reach their goal and work effectively and efficiently. No matter whatever field you are in, having leadership skills requires a sense of motivation, the performance of tasks quickly to reach the desired results. Being a leader is a responsibility on your shoulder to look after your team and take decisions for their growth and development.
  • COMMUNICATION: Being able to communicate well is another important basic employability skill. Developing strong communication skills is essential when working. With strong communication skills, you can communicate effectively with other people. Employers look for good communication skills in their employees so that they can converse with their customers easily. Communication helps you to understand what other people are trying to communicate. It can be verbal or written. Verbal communication is what you try to communicate and written communication is what you write for the project.
  • PROBLEM-SOLVING: Another transferable skill that employers look for in their employees is problem-solving. By problem-solving, I mean to find solutions to their problems. An employee should know how to make decisions while under pressure and how to quickly solve problems. Problem-solving skills make you desirable for any field.
  • TEAM-WORK: Working together in a team is another important transferable skill that you should have. An employee must know how to work in a team as teamwork is important in any organization, job, and company. Effective teamwork means appreciating others, solving problems, accomplishing tasks, cooperating, and reaching the desired goals.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Managing your time during work is another important transferable skill that employers look forward to. Time management means using your time effectively and productively at work. An employee should know how to plan, organize and prioritize his work to get the desired results. It leads to more efficiency in the work done.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS: Organizational skills refer to your ability to stay focused on different tasks, and use your time, energy, strength and mental and physical ability, etc efficiently and effectively in the work. An employee must have organizational skills so that he can manage his team and work. An employee must plan and carry out his work in an organized and efficient manner.

These are just some of the transferable skills that are required throughout your life.


To conclude, transferable skills are very essential in today’s contemporary world. To survive in the world, an employee must have the above-mentioned transferable skills as these skills will land him into his dream job. These skills help you to bring out the best in yourself.

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