Best Software IT Career Path 2021


Software IT Career Path

Software IT Career Path

What is the career path for a software engineer or developer?

There are a lot of career opportunities available to a software engineer or a software developer that they are not well aware of. In the growing ace of technology, there is a huge demand for software engineers all over the world. From a junior developer to senior developer and software developer to senior developer, they have a wide range of choices accessible to them.

Software IT Career Path

Some of the options they can consider are:


Developer Roles:

  • Junior Developer: Junior software developers are the software developers who help the development team with all the aspects of software design and coding. Their basic role is to fix the bugs, attend the design meetings, and help the design manager with all the design-related work.
  • Software Developer: Software developers are responsible for testing, designing, and developing software according to the customers’ needs. They also recommend software up-gradation for the existing programs and systems for customers.
  • Senior Developer: Senior developers have to manage junior developer’s projects and oversee them. They are also responsible for writing coding, analyzing data, and contributing to the design and implementation of the software.
  • Graduate Developer: Graduate developers are responsible for developing, designing, and testing platforms and website enhancements for the people.

Lead Roles:

  • Technical Lead: technical lead is a professional who looks after the team of technical persons at a software or technology company. They are responsible for troubleshooting technical issues that have arisen due to software development, engineering tasks, and product releases.

Testing Roles:

  • Graduate Tester: Graduate tester is responsible for testing a company’s software through different techniques and methods. 
  • Junior Tester: junior tester is responsible for regression, integration, platform, and performance testing to check the stability of the system software.
  • Software Tester: software tester is responsible for conducting automated manual tests to check the software developed by developers is fit for purpose and there are no bugs or issues in it.
  • Senior Software Tester: Senior software tester is responsible for planning, designing, executing, and reporting software tests in the company. He also supervises the team of software testers in the company.

Managerial Roles:

  • Project Manager: A project manager basically is responsible for planning, organizing, and completing programs at a specific period of time in any company or organization.
  • Team Manager: A team manager is a leader of a group of employees who work under him and are accountable to him. His role is to see that all members are working together or not to achieve their goals.

Engineering Roles:

  • Software Architect: A software architect is an expert in software development who makes some high-level design choices and dictates technical standards, including coding standards tools and platforms.
  • Principal Engineer: A principal engineer is a professional responsible for guiding multiple teams working on various products or developing numerous types of technologies.
  • Requirements Engineer: Requirements engineer is a professional responsible for defining and maintaining requirements like document requirements, validates requirements, and manages requirements in the company.
  • Principal Test Engineer: A principal test engineer is responsible for designing the test objectives of the company. He also provides solutions to the technical issues that are arising in the company to engineers.

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