Best Informational Interview 2021

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Wаnt tо knоw mоre аbоut а саreer thаt interests yоu? Then yоu shоuld аsk sоmeоne whо is in the sаme field аs yоurs аnd whо hаs the first-hаnd exрerienсe оf wоrking with а соmраny tо guide yоu thrоugh аs the рersоn knоws better thаn yоu. Whаt соmes tо yоur mind when sоmeоne аsks yоu fоr аn infоrmаtiоnаl interview? Mоst оf the рeорle оut there must hаve nоt even heаrd the wоrd befоre аs tо whаt is meаnt by аn infоrmаtiоnаl interview. We аll аre аwаre оf interviews hаррening аs it is а соmmоn рrасtiсe nоw аnd yоu саn’t knоw everything аbоut а саreer оnline.

informational interview

What is an informational interview?

an informational interview one such which helps the job aspirant to gain knowledge/ information and experience in the interview and about the current possibilities. in this interview, the main aim is not to gain the job but to gain more and more information. the aspirant should make themselves more competitive and competent.

Benefits of an informational interviewinformational interview

  • Gaining information in depth: it helps you to have in-depth knowledge about the industry, companies, and the job market that suits your interest. You can shoot queries related to the job or the company.
  • Discover a new career path: The majority of the students don’t know what career to choose. In this case, an informational interview helps you to discover a career path that is not known to you before.
  • Enhance your skills: Having the right skills in your hand will help you get a job in the future. An informational interview helps you to enhance your skills like communication skills, confidence building, personality development, etc. This kind of interview prepares you for a professional interview shortly.
  • Get updated about entry-level skills: What are entry-level skills? An entry-level skill basically helps you get a job right after your graduation. You can get updates about which kind of entry-level skills are needed or are in most demand in the job market. Entry-level skills include- good communication, leadership qualities, teamwork, etc.
  • Prepares you for the interview: the interview is an inevitable part of recruitment. Every company goes for an interview to check the candidates the company is going to hire. You are more confident now as compared to earlier.
  • Helps in building a network: Networking means interacting with others to develop professional relationships. An informational interview with a professional will help you build your network which will help you in the long run. LinkedIn is the best way out to connect with professionals of your interests.
  • Career guidance: Many people are not sure about their career path as to which career path they should take. An interview with a professional can help in choosing the right career for themselves. Choosing a career of their interests keeps them interested in their field and one does not lose interest easily

So, these were the benefits of an informational interview.


In conclusion, it may be daunting to have an interview with a professional but it is the right way to have an insight into the industry and job market where you want to work in. It is a simple way to stand out among others. Informational interviews are worth doing.

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