Communication skills – Live Training

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What Will You Learn?

  • Indicate the value of empathic listening and effective feedback.
  • Indicate how speakers’ and listeners’ nonverbal cues impact communication.
  • Identify vocal factors that contribute to effective communication.
  • Indicate how actively engaging the audience contributes to effective communication.
  • Assess your current communication skills.

Course Content

Topic 1- Speaking
In this video, Paul has problems understanding Bob. Listen to the language they use for checking understanding and practise saying the useful phrases. Do the exercises to check your understanding and practise the language.

  • Checking understanding.
  • Task 1- Checking understanding.
  • Making suggestions.
  • Task 1- Decide which sentences are suggestions.
  • Task 3- Select whether a phrase is Positive or Negative
  • Mindfulness at work
  • Task 1- Choose the correct word for the following sentences.
  • Task 2- Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.
  • Task 3- Complete the sentences.
  • Meeting new people.
  • Task 1- Are the sentences true or false?
  • Task 2- Do you like meeting new people?
  • Talking about other people.
  • Task 1- Choose the correct answer.
  • Task 2- Answer in 6-7 sentences.
  • Managing meetings
  • Task 1- Choose the correct word.
  • Task 2- Choose the three correct answers.
  • Talking where are you from.
  • Task 2- Are the sentences true or false?
  • Task 1- Preparation.
  • Working in a remote team.
  • Answer it.
  • Task 2- Checking understanding.
  • Task 2- Decide which sentence gives the best summary of the video.

Topic-2 Reading


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